We help to find and rent an apartment in Germany

In a short time we will find a suitable rental apartment for you – long-term or short-term – in Germany that meets your criteria. We provide support at all stages of the process.

Types of rental housing in Germany

If you are moving to Germany, we recommend renting a short-term apartment or airbnb or hotel room for the first couple of months and looking for a long-term apartment locally.

Short-term apartment rentals
  • It is possible to rent remotely, even before you move to Germany
  • The apartment is furnished
  • Requires a deposit (1-2 rents)
  • Doesn't always require signing a rental agreement
  • Usually more expensive than apartments for long-term rentals
  • Fewer applicants for this type of housing - many options available
Long-term apartment rentals
  • You can't rent remotely, you have to visit the apartment in person
  • The apartment is rented without furniture (sometimes without a kitchen)
  • Requires a deposit (2-3 rents)
  • Requires signing a rental agreement
  • Cheaper than short-term rentals
  • The search can take several months

Difficulties of searching and renting in Germany


High demand

In large cities, great deals get dozens of inquiries in the first hours after publication

Communication with the landlord

It is better to use German when communicating and not to make mistakes

Search process duration

Because of high demand, you may not be invited to viewings. There is no guarantee that the landlord will choose you after the viewings. Landlords are also interested in how many people will be living, income level, proof of credit, etc.

Confirmation of solvency

The landlord will need documents about where you work and how much you earn, as well as proof of an impeccable credit history

Nuances in the rental agreement

Each rental agreement is different, including details of what you can and cannot do in the apartment, how far in advance you need to warn the landlords about moving out, etc.

Scammers in the housing market

Scammers on the German housing market are now as numerous as ever

How do we help you rent an apartment in Germany?

Effective search

We help you effectively search and respond to offers

Document preparation

We help you gather documents and write a brilliant “resume” for the landlord

Checking the rental agreement

We explain all the nuances of renting an apartment in Germany, rental contracts, pitfalls

Warning about hidden costs

We warn you about additional expenses not included in the rent

Identifying scammers

We immediately detect scammers and protect you from them

Communication with landlords

We communicate with landlords in German

Why search for an apartment with Transparent Hiring?

We are recommended to friends because we help them find an apartment and move to Germany in a responsible and timely manner, as well as provide all necessary services from a single source.


We have been living in Germany for over 12 years and know all the pitfalls of the housing search and change process, and we follow a strict code of ethics and guarantee compliance with agreements.

Years of experience

Working as relocators, we helped not only to find jobs, but also to find housing for many professionals in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, etc.

"Turn key" apartment search

We help at all stages, from preparation of documents to verification of the rental agreement. We are always in touch and ready to promptly answer your questions.

Individual approach

We help you find housing based on your wishes, and use an individual approach to each person, we hear you. We will be happy to find you the perfect apartment!

Apartment search services

We offer different packages to find an apartment for rent, depending on your needs.

Long-Term Accommodation Search - Light Support 350 € + 19% VAT

  • Introductory call with a specialist to find an apartment in Germany,
  • Document preparation,
  • Support with completing a profile on a platform for rental housing,
  • Answers to your questions during your search,
  • Advice and instructions on how to search effectively,
  • Providing you with a template letter to the landlord in German,
  • Rental contract review (up to 2 contracts).

A premium account on the platform is not included in the price and has to be paid separately. The price for 3 months is currently 87€ including VAT.

Long-Term Accommodation Search - Full Support 850 € + 19% VAT

  • Premium account on a platform for rent housing,
  • Introductory call,
  • Document preparation,
  • Support with completing your profile on a platform for rent housing,
  • Answers to your questions throughout your search,
  • Advice and instructions on how to search effectively,
  • Selecting options according to your criteria,
  • Writing requests in German and sending them out to landlords. Our expert will send out requests to landlords on your behalf and arrange a time for you to see the properties you like. You only go to the viewings,
  • Arranging a date and time for you to see the place,
  • Talking to landlords,
  • Rental contract review (up to 2 contracts).

A premium account on a platform is included in the price.

Short-Term Accommodation Search - Light Support 250 € + 19% VAT

  • Introductory call,
  • Providing links of platforms for rent housing,
  • General recommendations and instructions,
  • Rental contract review (up to 2 contracts).

Short-Term Accommodation Search - Full Support 450€ + 19% VAT

  • Introductory call,
  • Providing links of platforms for rent housing,
  • General recommendations and instructions,
  • Rental contract review (up to 2 contracts),
  • Sending out applications to landlords,
  • Communication with landlords.

Is it relevant for me?

We can help you, if:

  • You are moving to Germany and need help finding short/long-term accommodation
  • You want to find a long-term accommodation and you already live in Germany
  • You want to get advice on finding a place to live on your own and to understand the German accommodation rental market

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