We help IT-talents and digital specialists find a job in Germany and other European countries

We find you a suitable employer, as well as provide a full range of services for successful employment and relocation.

If one of our partners makes you an offer, all the relocation expenses are free for you and paid by the employer.

We at Transparent Hiring will help you find your dream job in our partner companies in Germany and other European countries. We will be there for you at all stages of employment and are ready to answer all your questions.


Why work in Germany?

1. European standard of living

A stable economy, working laws, high-quality medicine and education, safety and mutual respect – this is why many IT professionals choose to relocate to Germany.

2. Average salary from 60.000 euros per year

Middle level developers receive €65.000 – €75.000 gross per year.
Senior developers can expect €75.000 – €95.000 per year.

3. Opportunity to get Blue Card EU

Blue Card EU is a residence permit for the purpose of working in Europe. The card provides a number of advantages: the ability to move with the whole family, visa-free travel, social and economic protection, a simplified process for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship.

How much do IT professionals in Germany earn?

on the example of vacancies that are open right now

Senior Backend Developer Java

€75.000 – €90.000 p.a.

Tasks: Design and develop microservices for web and native apps.
Required skills: Java, Spring, Hibernate, proficiency in English.

Backend Developer NodeJS

€65.000 – 75.000 p.a.

Tasks: Design and develop new scalable services and APIs in an agile team
Required skills: NodeJS, RESTful APIs, Docker, Elastic, AWS or other cloud platform, fluent English.

Senior Frontend Developer ReactJS

€70.000 – €80.000 p.a.

Tasks: Design and develop web apps in an agile team
Required skills: Javascript, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS, proficiency in English.

Why employment via
Transparent Hiring?

People recommend us to friends for the fact that we help to resolve issues of employment and relocation responsibly and on time, as well as provide all the necessary services without the need to get support elsewhere.


We have been living in Germany for 15 years and we are aware of all the pitfalls, and uphold a strict code of ethics, always honoring our commitments.


We take responsibility to find the best job option for you, taking into account your goals and career aspirations, as this is the key to long-term relationships and trust.

Individual approach

We assist you in finding a job that aligns with your preferences and goals. Our personalised approach ensures a swift and seamless relocation process.

Years of experience

As relocators, we have assisted numerous IT and digital specialists in securing jobs at companies in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, and Düsseldorf — from finding a job to relocating and adapting to a new city.

Variety of job positions

We work with both large companies and startups. Our partner companies are distinguished by interesting tasks, modern technologies, socially significant products, an English-speaking team, and the opportunity to partially work from home.

«Turnkey» Relocation

We help at all stages: job search, interview, visa processing, relocation and integration after arrival. We are always in touch and ready to promptly answer your questions.

Our services

Selection of the company and the job position

  • We will pick a company and a job position from our partner network that best suits your skills and work experience
  • We will inform you about the company, the specifics of work, corporate culture

Interview preparation

  • We will adapt your resume to German standards
  • We will help you to prepare for interviews at all stages

Employment contract check

  • We will check the contract for pitfalls
  • We will explain the details and answer questions

Visa application

  • Assistance in collecting documents and submitting an application, translation of documents into German, support at all stages
  • Obtaining visas for spouse and minor children


  • Assistance in finding housing
  • Address registration
  • Bank account opening
  • Health insurance
  • Registration with the tax office

Integration support

  • We will help you figure out how everything works, recommend German courses
  • We will invite you to the community of IT people who moved to Germany to exchange information and just socialize

If one of our partners makes you an offer, our services are completely free for you!
German partner companies entrust us with providing these services and pay for them. If we apply for other positions in third-party European companies, our services are paid for by the client.

Is it relevant for me?

We can find you a job and relocate you, if you

  • Proficient in spoken English or German (Level B2 and above);
  • Have professional experience in IT;
  • Have completed higher education.

We help IT specialists in following areas:


Android | Backend | Data | Data Science | DevOps | Embedded | Frontend | Fullstack | iOS | UX/UI | QA

You can also order an individual consultation on a topic of interest:

  • CV check and adaptation to German standards,
  • Consultation on finding a job in Germany,
  • Preparing for an interview in German companies,
  • Preparation of documents for a work visa to Germany,
  • Consultation on finding accommodation in Germany,
  • Other questions related to moving.

Submit application

and we will message you as soon as we have a job opening that fits your profile, as well as advise on your questions.

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