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Permanent employment with relocation

Our services for IT talents: help find a job in Germany, secure an attractive job offer, obtain a visa and relocate to Germany. We also support you extensively after your relocation, making sure that you get a smooth start in a new country and on a new job.

We partner with German companies that:

  • have attractive job openings,
  • offer competitive compensation packages,
  • are ready to hire English-speaking professionals from abroad.

We also can brush up your CV to make it meet German standards, or assist you with relocation to Germany after you get hired.

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Freelance projects for self-employed IT specialists

Some of our German partners also look to hire self-employed IT professionals on a contractual basis:

  • Contract duration of 3 to 6 months. If desired by both sides, the contract can be extended easily,
  • A workload of 30-40 hours per week,
  • English as a project language (German is a plus, but not required).

We also have clients that are ready to work with full-remote freelancers (your timezone should be similar to the CET/CEST timezone).

If you are an IT freelancer, we can help you:

  • find projects that fit your particular expertise,
  • find German clients that are ready to work with English-speaking IT professionals,
  • work on a contractual basis, with fair conditions, payment security and easy renewals.

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Advantages of working with us

Fair remuneration

Reliable employers

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