Relocation to Germany for work

Relocation Services

We provide a full range of relocation services to Germany to anyone who is looking for or has already found a job in Germany. Many years of experience, responsibility and individual approach are the keys to the success of your relocation with us.

If you are an IT professional, take a look at current IT job openings with relocation to Germany and read more about our relocation package for IT professionals.

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Why relocation with Transparent Hiring?

People recommend us for the fact that we responsibly and within the agreed time frame help to resolve the issues of obtaining a work visa / blue card and moving to Germany, as well as provide all the necessary services from one source.

Exceptional professionalism

We have been living in Germany for over 12 years and we are aware of all the pitfalls, as well as follow a strict code of ethics and guarantee compliance with agreements.

Years of experience

Working as relocators, we helped many specialists find jobs in the company in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart – from finding a job to moving and adapting to a new city.

"Turn key" relocation

We help at all stages: job search, interview, visa application, relocation and integration after relocation. We are always in touch and ready to promptly answer your questions.

Individual approach

We help you find a job based on your wishes and goals, and we use an individual approach to each person so that your relocation goes quickly and smoothly.

Relocation services

We help qualified professionals, as well as family members, to relocate on a work visa / blue card (blaue Karte).

You can request any of the services or all of them at once if you want a soft turnkey relocation to Germany.

Job search coaching

If you are in the process of looking for a job, we will help you speed up the process, make your search easier and increase your chances of success.

Our services include:

  • CV verification and adaptation to German standards
  • Job search advice in Germany. On which websites to look for a job, what to write in a cover letter
  • Assistance in the design of profiles in professional social networks popular in Germany
  • Preparing for an interview with a German company. What to expect, how to prepare, how to answer questions, how to behave, important cultural differences in an interview, etc.

Visa application

We help to properly prepare a complete package of documents for a work visa / blue card.

Our services include:

  • Consultation on a package of documents for a visa;
  • Assistance in writing and checking a curriculum vitae in German for a visa;
  • Advice on completing visa application forms, as well as family members’ applications, and checking applications before submitting them to the consulate;
  • Assistance in filling out the documents from your employer required for a visa and checking for correctness;
  • Checking the diploma for compliance with German requirements;
  • Providing a document on support in finding housing.

Integration help

We help you get comfortable in a new country and solve all kinds of issues so that you do not have to waste your time, understanding everything from scratch.

Our services include:

  • Help with finding an apartment;
  • Address registration;
  • Assistance with opening a bank account;
  • Registration of compulsory medical insurance from the first day of work;
  • Registration in the tax office;
  • Assistance in choosing a mobile operator, Internet provider, language school, etc.

At all stages of relocation, we are available for your questions.
Our clients note that relocation with us was very soft and comfortable for them.

Is it relevant for me?

We can help you, if:

  • You need a German work visa (qualified employment, blue card or IT specialists)
  • You need a German job seeker visa
  • You need a German student visa
  • You need help relocating to Germany
  • You want to learn how to effectively look for a job in Germany and improve your resume
  • You need to choose health insurance for living in Germany
  • You need to open a bank account after moving to Germany
  • You need to convert your visa to a residence permit after arrival in Germany

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