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We provide a full range of relocation services to Germany to anyone who is looking for or has already found a job in Germany. Many years of experience, responsibility and individual approach are the keys to the success of your relocation with us.

If you are an IT professional, take a look at current IT job openings with relocation to Germany and read more about our relocation package for IT professionals.

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Types of visas we help you with

Blue Card

Job search visas

Work visas

Student visas

Work experience visas for IT professionals

Why relocation with Transparent Hiring?

People recommend us for the fact that we responsibly and within the agreed time frame help to resolve the issues of obtaining a work visa / blue card and moving to Germany, as well as provide all the necessary services from one source.


We have been living in Germany for 15 years and we are aware of all the pitfalls, and uphold a strict code of ethics, always honoring our commitments.

Years of experience

As relocators, we have assisted numerous IT and digital specialists in securing jobs at companies in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, and Düsseldorf — from finding a job to relocating and adapting to a new city.

«Turnkey» Relocation

We help at all stages: job search, interview, visa processing, relocation and integration after arrival. We are always in touch and ready to promptly answer your questions.

Individual approach

We assist you in finding a job that aligns with your preferences and goals. Our personalised approach ensures a swift and seamless relocation process.

When a relocation package is suitable

Offering from a German company

Those who have an offer on hand, but the company itself does not provide support and assistance in the process of moving

Relocation with family

Relocation package is available for one person / couple / with children

In complicated cases

You are in another country, need to move urgently and any other conditions

Visa for job search

Those who want to come to Germany and find a job in their field

Advantages of our service

  • We will prepare and check all your documents in accordance with the requirements of the embassy where you will apply for a visa
  • We will write and translate documents for you, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself
  • We will provide you with German health insurance from the beginning
  • We can save you from unnecessary costs that may come up during the process
  • We can provide you with a document of assistance in finding accommodation, which can eliminate the need to rent an apartment during the stage of submitting documents to the consulate
  • We will issue a German invoice that can be deducted from taxes in Germany and partially reimbursed. You can get back up to 42% of its value upon filing your tax return in the current year
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Relocation services

We help qualified professionals, as well as their family members, to relocate on a work visa / blue card (blaue Karte). We also help with student visas and visas for job search.

Relocation Lite

from 600
+ 19% VAT
2 video calls consulting on visa application documents
Assistance in creating and checking CV in German, providing a CV template in German
Consultations on how to fill in the visa application forms
Assistance to the employer in filling out and checking documents
Checking in Anabin whether the client’s education is recognized in Germany; providing confirmations of the recognition
Arranging compulsory national health insurance
Checking the visa application and all documents before submitting them to the consulate
Additional fee for spouse: 200 € + 19% VAT, for a child under 18 years: 100 € + 19% VAT

Relocation Standard

from 990
+ 19% VAT
All services included in the Lite Package
Dedicated relocation specialist who will have video calls with the client, answer all questions the same or next day, and check all documents
Additional video consulting on first steps to settle in Germany
Support with address registration
Consultation on setting up a bank account
Consultation on finding a short-term accommodation for the first months of your stay in Germany
Information materials on adaptation and settling in Germany
Informational support and answering your questions before relocation and also 1 month after arrival
Additional fee for spouse: 200 € + 19% VAT, for a child under 18 years: 100 € + 19% VAT

Relocation Premium

from 1900
+ 19% VAT
All services included in the Standard Package
We fill visa application forms for you
We book the visa appointment at the embassy/consulate for you
We search for suitable short-term and long-term housing, including communication with landlords, arranging visits, preparation of documents, rental contract check
We prepare documents and submit applications for residence permit in Germany
We assist with additional services such as SIM card, internet, utilities and additional insurances
Additional fee for spouse: 200 € + 19% VAT, for a child under 18 years: 100 € + 19% VAT

Notarized translations of documents into German, apostille and the consular fee for the visa application are not included in the price and should be paid separately.

Visa and relocation consultation with our experts - 150 EUR + 19% VAT

You can book a one-hour consultation with our experts on a topic of interest to you:

  • Consultation on possibilities of moving to Germany and relocation-related questions
  • Consultation on your visa situation and visa application process
  • Consultation on finding and renting accommodation in Germany

Disclaimer: We are not immigration lawyers and we do not provide legal advice. Our answers are based on our extensive practical experience obtaining visas for our clients and relocating them to Germany.

Help with accommodation search - from 250 EUR + 19% VAT

We help you find and rent both long-term and short-term accommodation in your desired city in Germany. Our services include:

  • introductory call,
  • preparation of documents,
  • support in filling out the IS24 profile,
  • writing an application for housing,
  • recommendations and instructions,
  • answers to your questions,
  • lease verification.

We also offer an extended package where we search for accommodation for you. It includes:

  • everything from the list above, as well as:
  • sending out applications to the landlord,
  • organizing visits to the apartment,
  • communicating with landlords,
  • arranging for the handover of keys.

Obtaining residence permit (eAT) - 350 € + 19% VAT

  • Video consultations on the documents for obtaining a residence permit. Advice on completing the application for a residence permit
  • Help for employers with filling in documents (e.g. Erklärung zum Beschäftigungsverhältnis)
  • Obtaining statutory health insurance, if not yet arranged
  • Checking of the application and all documents before the submission to the immigration office
  • Fee for an additional family member: 100 € + 19% VAT

Diploma recognition with ZAB - 150 € + 19% VAT

  • We will help you gather the required documents
  • We will fill out the ZAB application
  • We will answer your questions

Job search coaching / career consulting and resume improvement - 183 EUR + 19% VAT

If you are in the process of searching for a job, we can help you speed up the process, make your search easier and increase your chances of success. The one-hour video call with our recruiter specialist includes the following topics:

  • Checking your resume and adapting it to German standards
  • Consultation on how to look for a job in Germany. What sites to look for work on, what to write in your cover letter
  • Assisting with profiles in professional social networks, popular in Germany
  • Preparing for the interview at the German companies. What to expect, how to prepare, how to answer questions, how to behave, important cultural aspects at the interview, etc.

Additional services

Additional services upon request

  • Additional family members
  • Pet relocation
  • German post address until your arrival to Germany
  • Residence permit extension
  • Change of employer

Relocation process

Lite Package

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You submit a relocation request on the website

We evaluate your case and determine the price (the price depends on the number of people, complexity of the case, services – full/partial package). You make a 100% advance payment. We prepare the requirements for the package of documents for your case.

1st consultation call - briefing

We tell you about the requirements for the package of documents, individually discuss the choice of consulate. We provide checklists and explain the nuances of filling in the documents, we prepare part of the documents ourselves. We coordinate further steps.

Document preparation

Some of the documents you prepare and fill out on your own according to our instructions. We are constantly in touch and are ready to give feedback from our side as soon as the documents are ready from your side. Some of the documents we prepare ourselves.

2nd consultation call

We check if all the documents are filled out correctly before applying for the visa (about a week before submitting the package of documents to the consulate).

You apply for a visa

You personally go to the consulate with a full package of documents.

Standard and Premium Packages

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3rd consultation call - first steps on arrival

We provide all the information you need when you come to Germany in advance, because you need to start the process of finding a place to live in advance. We provide resources for finding accommodation and templates for letters to landlords. But you do all of the steps yourself. We advise you on everything.

Search for short-term accommodation (Premium Package)

We are looking for a suitable short-term accommodation for you (apartments with furniture and everything you need for living) for the first months, including the search for suitable options, communication with landlords, organizing virtual visits, preparing documents, checking the rental agreement.

Getting a visa

You get a visa and are ready to move to Germany.

Support after relocation

We answer all questions during this process and if there are any difficulties.

Searching for long-term accommodation (Premium Package)

We look for suitable long-term accommodation, including selecting suitable options, communicating with landlords, arranging visits, preparing documents, checking the rental agreement.

Help with utilities and household issues

We also help with additional services, such as SIM cards, Internet, utilities and additional insurance.

Visa conversion to residence permit (Premium Package)

After your first months in Germany on a national visa, you are required to obtain a residence permit (eAT) card. We help you gather the necessary documents, fill in the forms, and book a slot at the office.

Is it relevant for me?

We can help you, if:

  • You need a German work visa (qualified employment, blue card or IT specialists)
  • You need a German job seeker visa
  • You need a German student visa
  • You need help relocating to Germany
  • You need to choose health insurance for living in Germany
  • You need to open a bank account after moving to Germany
  • You need to convert your visa to a residence permit after arrival in Germany

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