How to Apply for Germany’s Chancenkarte (Opportunity card)

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Did you know? Moving to Germany doesn’t always require a job offer upfront! With the Chancenkarte visa, you can stay in Germany for up to 1 year while you search for employment opportunities. No need to wait for a job offer before you arrive. Let us assist you in securing it!

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Discover Chancenkarte benefits

Chancenkarte is a specialised visa for job seekers in Germany, offering significant advantages over previous options. Stay up to 1 year and work 20 hours per week, making your job search more effective.

With Chancenkarte, you can:

Stay in Germany for up to 1 year while actively job hunting

Attend interviews in person

Take language courses alongside your job search

Explore different regions of Germany

Once you secure a job offer, you can convert Chancenkarte into a full work permit at the local immigration office.

Unlock Your Career Potential with Chancenkarte

Chancenkarte not only simplifies your job search in Germany but also makes you more attractive to employers. By having a legal basis to stay and the ability to convert your visa into a work permit swiftly, you stand out as a valuable candidate.

Make sure to highlight your Chancenkarte in your CV to showcase your readiness for immediate employment.

Highly skilled specialists with a German or German-recognized education do not need to accumulate any points – they can immediately apply for the Chancenkarte.

Everyone else needs to score 6 points according to the assessment system and provide a language certificate proving proficiency in German (A1 level) or English (B2 level)

How to obtain Chancenkarte

Points allocation:


  • Under 35 years old – 2 points
  • 35 to 40 years old – 1 point

Language proficiency

  • German B2 level or higher – 3 points
  • German B1 level – 2 points
  • German A2 level or English C1 level and above – 1 point

Qualification and experience

  • Academic degree or equivalent to a German qualification – 4 points
  • Authorization to work within regulated professions (e.g., doctors, teachers, lawyers) – 4 points
  • Relevant work experience of 2 to 5 years within the last 7 years – additional points up to 3
  • Representing a shortage occupation (e.g., mathematicians, architects, IT specialists) – 1 point

Connection to Germany

  • Resided in Germany for at least 6 consecutive months in the last 5 years – 1 point

Relocating with spouse

  • Joint application with spouse for Chancenkarte – 1 point

To apply, you need to accumulate at least 6 points and submit your application at the German Embassy or Consulate.

Chancenkarte relocation package

Package Details

+19% VAT
2 video calls consulting on visa application documents
Assistance in creating and checking CV in German, providing a CV template in German
Consultations on how to fill in the visa application forms
Checking in Anabin whether your education is recognized in Germany; providing confirmations of the recognition
Assistance in creating and reviewing a motivation letter in German
Consultation on opening a blocked bank account and obtaining health insurance
Dedicated relocation specialist who will have video calls with the client, answer all questions the same or next day, and check all documents
Additional video consulting on first steps to settle in Germany
Support with address registration
Consultation on setting up a bank account
Consultation on finding a short-term accommodation for the first months of your stay in Germany
Information materials on adaptation and settling in Germany

Chancenkarte for your spouse with a 50% discount – 300€ + 19% VAT

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Benefits of our service

Templates for all required letters and documents in German

Resume and cover letter assistance in German

Dedicated specialist support throughout your relocation

Document preparation tailored to embassy requirements

Assistance in minimizing relocation costs

Support with German bank account setup for potential tax benefits

Key considerations for Chancenkarte application

You can work up to 20 hours per week during your job search period (compared to 10 hours with a standard job seeker visa)

Alternatively, you can undertake a ``trial`` job (Proarbeit) for up to two weeks. After this trial, you can either negotiate a full contract with the employer or continue your job search.

You must demonstrate qualifications or an academic degree requiring at least two years of preparation or education

Chancenkarte can be applied for without the need for formal education recognition. However, if your diploma isn't recognized, you'll need a language certificate proving proficiency in German (A1 level) or English (B2 level) and 6 points accumulated from the allocation.

Financial guarantees covering your entire stay in Germany are necessary

This can be fulfilled through financial sponsorship, a blocked account with a balance of 12 324€ per year (1 027€ per month), or a part-time contract (20 hours per week) with a German employer.

Comprehensive health insurance for the entire stay is mandatory

Transparent Hiring specialists can assist in selecting and arranging this.

Family members cannot accompany you on this visa

However, your spouse can also apply for Chancenkarte. Children cannot join you in Germany with this visa

Bonus: If you have a job offer by the end of your Chancenkarte validity period but haven’t secured a permanent residency permit, you can extend the card for an additional year.

Transparent Hiring specialists will be happy to assist you in obtaining Chancenkarte!

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    How to Apply for Germany’s Chancenkarte (Opportunity card)