Gülce Ö.

I would like to express my gratitude to the recruiter company that helped me prepare for an important job interview and ultimately enabled me to receive a job offer. This company provided invaluable assistance in both preparing for the initial interview and navigating through the subsequent relocation process.

The recruitment team was extremely helpful throughout every step of my relocation process; they provided guidance on what documents were needed for my visa application as well as advice on how best to prepare myself for interviews overseas. Overall it was truly a great experience working with them!


Nikolai B.

This summer I received an offer from one of the IT companies in Berlin and, accordingly, I needed a visa to Germany. After reading a lot of instructions on how to submit papers for a visa application, I decided to turn to professionals and made the right decision. Transparent Hiring and personally Inessa helped me with all the necessary documents, filled out a huge pile of necessary forms in German, and also checked those that I filled out on my own. I was accompanied throughout the entire process of moving – from signing a contract with the employer to registering at the place of residence in Berlin. Top quality service from professionals who know their job, I recommend them.


Victoria M.

I would like to express my gratitude to Inessa, she offered me a great job in a large German company. After going through several stages of interviews, I received an offer from them. At the same time, Inessa accompanied the whole process, helped in the choice (at that moment I had another offer from another company), was always in touch, gave practical advice and told me a lot not only about work, but also about life in Germany: about insurance, tax classes, and other details. It’s priceless to feel such support in a new country! Thank you!


Anton E.

I am very glad that I stumbled upon Transparent Hiring, and Inessa in particular. The company accompanied me in everything from preparing my resume to helping me choose a SIM card. I felt how many problems the company helped me avoid, without this company I would have drawn up documents several times longer.


Ulyana S.

I am grateful to Inessa and Transparent Hiring for helping me find a job in Germany and accompanying me through the entire relocation process. Firstly, I was lucky that through Inessa my resume got into the company of my dreams, I am extremely glad that I got into this team! And secondly, thanks to detailed consultations, the preparation of documents and obtaining a visa for my husband and I passed without unnecessary difficulties. In addition, Inessa helped to translate and understand the details of the employment contract, gave recommendations on finding housing and very clear instructions on the first steps after the move. I am very glad that I went all this way, accompanied by a professional with great practical experience!


Yuriy S.

Inessa is a great professional. Thanks to her, I managed to get an offer from a large IT company in Munich. Moreover, the amount in the contract turned out to be much higher than expected 🙂

Inessa assists at all stages. From useful tips on how to behave and what to look for in technical interviews, to useful links and life hacks for finding accommodation.

And this was surprising for me, because earlier I thought that the work of recruiters ends after the offer is signed.

I think that I was very lucky that I met Inessa at one time. I recommend everyone who is looking for a job in Germany to contact her. You will receive invaluable help and knowledge from a person who is well-versed in this.


Svetlana G.

I consider it a great success that my relocation journey to Germany began with Transparent Hiring. Thank you for preparing for the interview and selecting interesting vacancies, as well as for advice on preparing documents for a visa and detailed instructions on what to do upon arrival in Germany. Thank you for your work, it was a pleasure to cooperate!


Viktor E.

I don’t know how to write reviews and never wrote them, but here it is.

Documents for visa/insurance 10 out of 10.

Job search support 10 out of 10.

Responsiveness and friendliness 10 out of 10.


Vasiliy P.

I moved with my wife to Germany a little over a year ago. I learned about Transparent Hiring on the recommendation of friends. We were both looking for a job in the same city and wanted to find a job at the same time. Actually, everything turned out in the best way, Inessa immediately suggested an option that interested us. We successfully passed the interviews and got an offer. Further, the whole process of issuing a blue card was led by Inessa, we didn’t really know anything, all the work with the documents was done for us and we just had to sign. It was a very simple process. The housing issue was also resolved by Inessa. When people ask me how difficult the relocation was, I tell my story, and everyone says that we were very lucky. Every luck has a name, and in our case its name is Inessa Tikonov.